Date: September 2nd, 2012
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I’ve always had a thing for the Virgin Mary.

All Images: Wallpaper Magazine, shot by Pierpaolo Ferrari, styled by Francesca Cefis

Date: August 25th, 2012
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MIRANDA JULY: “It Chooses You”

Miranda July has always been a favorite of mine. She’s a writer, performance artist and filmmaker, and her work is quirky and amazing. I recently watched her last film “The Future”. It was really sad and funny, I recommend it. But I’ve also started reading her latest book “It Chooses You”.

Apparently July got some major writer’s block when she was working on the script for the film and this book chronicles the journey she took to get over it. She found herself getting sucked into the internet, completely distracted, and googling stuff about her work instead of writing. She was also obsessed with the Pennysavers in the paper. She ended up calling up the people in the Pennysavers and visiting them and interviewing them about their lives, hopes, and dreams. This is the book. The interviews, her own personal narrative, and the photographs which document her encounters. It’s all about procrastination and seeing things through to the end.

Date: August 22nd, 2012
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GRIMES: Genesis

Urban, manga, cosplay princesses roaming around Beverly Hills and the desert with albino boa constrictors and flaming swords. What’s NOT to love?

This would be the perfect song for our nonexistent Spring/Summer 2013 presentation.

Date: August 3rd, 2012
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Selahdor x c|a|m

If you haven’t heard, I’ve teamed up with Boston-based jewelry designer, Christen Ashley Mitchell, to create pieces to complement the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Check out the Q&A session below.

I know, like me, you come from a fine arts background. What was the defining moment, the point where you realized you wanted to be a jewelry designer? Or did it just happen organically?

Jewelry happened organically. I’ve been doing a variety of arts and crafts my whole life and since my background is in sculpture, jewelry seemed like a more marketable form of sculpture.

Does your background in sculpture and installation art influence your process at all?

Heck yea! Sometimes I tend to create some crazy things based on my inspiration but it’s always fun.

What inspired this collection and what process did you go through when I asked you to interpret my references this season?

My first ‘process’ was panic because I had no idea what I was doing. I am used to crafting jewelry on my couch not for production. Then I designed a few things and met with every production person that would meet with me so I could learn what is possible and what isn’t. Then more panic and finally I was able to manipulate a lot of the designs so they were easier to produce.

Who are your favorite designers and why?

I love Rag&Bone and Current/Elliott they are two of my faves because their jeans fit me like a glove and they create pieces that are so easily dressed up or down which is a must for my closet. Currently though I am a bigger fan of Novella Royale that creates these amazing bell bottoms out of recycled fabrics. I can never find designers that make bells big enough for my taste. They also create some great casual skirts and shirts out of really fun patterns. Stone_Cold_Fox is another amazing one. I go to them for sexy California casual. I have worn their dresses to black tie events and to brunch. They use amazing lace and silks that makes you feel so girly. Those two designers for me is where I like to find my more unique items.

Who are your favorite artists and why?

I am a huge modern art fan, but like fashion, I am horrible with the names of the artists I like. I enjoy art though that maybe pushes the boundaries of what people call art.

What has been the most challenging aspect of the industry?

Peoples attitudes. That’s an easy answer. I am more laid back and I enjoy and equally chill work atmosphere. Fashion has to be serious because it’s peoples livelihood but on the same token work should be fun and they is always a solution to every problem so people just need to chill.

What was it like working with me?

It’s hysterical! You are a nut! We are so different and compliment each other so well that working with you has been seamless.

Any future plans or goals for your brand?

School. I did this whole collection on such a whim that I need to take a step back and learn the basic skills that will make it easier for me to build my brand bigger and better in the future.

What have you been inspired by recently? Any current obsessions?

Ha! I feel like I haven’t seen the outside world really in months. When I do creative things like this I have to shut a lot of things out because it can be overwhelming otherwise.

What’s playing in your studio right now? Or better yet, what have you been listening to while you work?

I like setting up a little rave in my studio so I can get jazzed for doing work. Throwing on my hot pants and a little Avicii Pandora and go to work!

Here’s a sneak peak from our lookbook. These earrings are silver plated, cast cobra ribs. That’s right, COBRA RIBS.

Check out her blog for an interview with me and more images of the garments.

photographer: Jessica Weiser
hair & make-up: Dianna Quagenti
model: Ashley @ Maggie Inc.
Date: November 21st, 2011
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Please help me make it into the top 100 designers! is having a competition. The top 100 designers on their site will be presented to a panel of judges, including the infamous Susie Bubble. Grand prize? Production and distribution of my own capsule collection.

It’s very easy. I just need less than 5 minutes of your time.

a. Click the link:

b. Find your favorite look from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection. When you hover over the main image, a ♥ appears.

c. Click the little ♥ that appears next to any of the garments that make up that look.

d. Follow directions, and log in through your Facebook account.

e. You will receive a link in your e-mail to activate and verify your account. CLICK THIS LINK. VOTES DO NOT COUNT UNLESS YOU ACTIVATE.

Now you’re a supporter! Tell your friends! Voting closes on November 30th. I just need to make it into the top 100 and stay there. Thank you!

*hitting the Facebook ‘like’ button does not count as a vote. You MUST click at least one ♥ to become a supporter.

Date: November 19th, 2010
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Shooting from britta thie on Vimeo.

Check out more of Britta Thie’s work at

Date: October 6th, 2010
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Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

If you don’t already know, Sarah Burton was Lee McQueen’s first assistant for 15 years. She was handed the daunting task of taking over the house after his suicide this past spring. I took a peek at what she did for the Resort 2011 collection, and decided to wait and see how she did with Spring 2011 before I formed conclusions about her capabilities, especially after all my anxieties about the future of the brand.

This entire collection is quite lovely. It’s funny, I imagine after working so closely with someone for so long, a strange connection must form. She’s channeling him and his process in these looks. Right down to how and from where he draws his inspiration. Lee McQueen loved to search the past, and I don’t mean fashions between 1900 and 2000. He went further, and would reintroduce proportions and shapes from the Middles Ages, the Renaissance, etc. All of it driven toward one central idea, theme, and mood.

Burton has done just that. There are English folk symbols throughout this collection. All of them representative of harvesting and renewal. The runway itself played a part: simple, bare wooden boards with shoots of green grass growing between the cracks. All of McQueen’s signature cuts and shapes are here, but some of them have been reworked and softened. The first three looks featured McQueen’s signature tailcoats. Apparently they were made of 10 layers of hand-frayed white silk! They were soft, feminine, and totally wearable. Gone were the sharp, exaggerated shoulders. Burton had slashed them away to reveal the skin of the shoulders.

The craftsmanship still astounds me. Some of these pieces…I just find myself staring and wondering, “How was this even made? How is this even POSSIBLE?” And then you have the usual McQueen showstoppers, some of which felt too much like costumes. Lee would pull this off, all this Romanticism and excess and it was genius. It was beautiful. I don’t know. Something about a cornhusk dress with little grains of corn or wheat on the shoes? A little too literal. Distill it.

She’s done well. I felt like crying or something after I went through all the pictures and watched the video clips. Burton’s managed to find her voice in all of this. She’s a woman, and it’s reflected in the work. It’s interesting. She’s working with all of his cuts from the last 15 years, in the same manner he would have. In his voice and with his seamstresses. She’s working with a wonderful palette. I envy her.

p.s. The hair design and shoes? LOVE!

All images courtesy of The new site is wonderful. You should check out that horrid dress with the cornhusk heels.

Date: September 29th, 2010
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The Dark Night of the Soul

Check out this hysterical animated short from Michael Mouris. It’s about the fashion evolution of Courtney Love and is featured on Women’s Wear Daily. My friend Cara Elizabeth (from the SS10 lookbook video) is also in it.

Date: September 22nd, 2010
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Autumn/Winter 2010 Presentation at Styleweek Providence 2010

So here’s the video from the A/W 2010 presentation at Styleweek Providence 2010. I wish we had been able to edit some detail shots into this video. Oh well! I hope you like it!

Date: September 22nd, 2010
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Behind the Scenes: F/W 2009 Lookbook

These should have gone up AGES ago, but I didn’t even know they existed! Many thanks to Brit Rock who assisted on the shoot, and took these shots,  for those 2-3 days.

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